One letterbox, two letterboxii?

As we’ve only just begun the public life of this project, it seems this might be a good time to raise a question – what do you call a group of letterboxes? Is there a collective noun for letterboxes? Animals have terms of venery – so is it a gang of letterboxes? A cargo? A stand?

Microwave Letterbox

It’s very common in country areas to spy a whole bunch of boxes at an intersection. It saves the postie from heading down a dead end road for 50km just to get to one box, and creates a competitive environment for neighbours, who may live tens or even hundreds of kilometres apart. Creativity abounds in these little letterbox get-togethers. One person paints a milk can, the next adds an old fridge and very soon you have an arms races to see who has the best rusty receptacle. What would you call it?

So onto today’s letterbox. On the Princes Highway, somewhere near Cadjangarry, NSW, this microwave sits atop a post. Surrounded by other letterboxes and unmarked, it’s not clear who it belongs to. I doubt the postie warms his lunch in it, but the one-touch settings include bacon, hamburger, meat loaf, hot dog and canap├ęs.

Perhaps it was once at home in a roadhouse, serving truckies all sorts of not-very-nutritious delights. Perhaps the neighbours know. I certainly don’t!

More from this group coming up soon.

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