About The Project

Looking back into the archives, the earliest letterbox photo I took was on 11 December, 2010.

Simon and I were exploring Kangaroo Island, in our home state of South Australia. Along one particular stretch of road we spied a number of fun letterboxes and roadside objects. It was Santa that really caught our eye, being Christmas time as it was.

A little further along, we came across a giant boot and stopped for another photo.

Little did we know, we had begun something that would delay every future road trip with randoms U-turns in order to collect yet another amazing Aussie letterbox photo. Simon usually drives during our journeys, and my camera is always within reach should the perfect mail receptacle present itself. Our meal of choice is hot chips, and we always keep chicken salt in the glovebox in case of emergencies.

View the map to see where we’ve been so far – it’s mainly rural, long range driving. We have photographed some suburban letterboxes, and plan to increase this coverage in the future.

As time goes on, we plan to include Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and the ACT in our archives. We’ll let you know when we’re heading those directions and if you have a letterbox for us, we’ll take a photo! Get in touch and submit a letterbox.

Kate & Simon Dyer