Baby Bass Box


Disclaimer: This post contains Dad jokes.

On a road named Tiddy Widdy, at a beach named Tiddy Widdy, a baby bass lure sits atop a pole. With a name like that, there are bound to be some characters about.

Simon and I were staying on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia in the lead-up to the New Year, and after failing to find any crabs outside our shack at Port Julia, we took the road up to Ardrossan and just a little further. Outside a place more house than shack, Baby Bass Box stood out from its neighbours, reeling us in with it’s shiny scales and big eyes. I guess the lure worked – we were hooked.

I found similar letterboxes for sale online (with the Novelty category being an obvious choice) and the website tells me they are “constructed from high impact polyethylene and have electronically welded seams for increased durability.” There were a few cobwebs inside, which tells me mail might be infrequent at best, so I left a little note and we headed down to the beach.

Baby Bass Letterbox   Baby Bass Letterbox


  1. Raylene · January 2, 2013 Reply

    Cute letterbox guys! Brett’s parents live at Tiddy Widdy Beach, I’ll see if they know any stories behind it :)

  2. Kate · January 13, 2013 Reply

    Thanks Raylene, that would be great! Kate :)

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