Beach Huts

Last weekend saw the Melbourne Architecture Annual draw to a close for another year, so we thought we’d celebrate this week with an ode to letterbox architecture. The 2012 theme of Community & Architecture fits it quite well with our first collection, so without further ado, I present the Beach Huts.

Beach Hut Letterbox

We came across them on the Gisborne-Melton Road in Victoria, while filming our video entry into a motorhome competition. In true community spirit, these 4 little huts have been lovingly created an maintained by some neighbourly sorts – at least that’s what we assume. Maybe one neighbour took over and painted them all in the middle of the night by the light of a full moon? We won’t know until they contact us. We left a letter in each letterbox, asking for the full story, but as yet have not heard from them.

Maybe these neighbours all enjoy a seaside break together? They’re about 50km inland. Maybe someone had some primary colour paints left over from a school project? The mystery lives on…

Beach Hut Letterbox

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