Cohen’s Boot

44 Gallon Boot Letterbox

I am pretty sure I developed a ‘thing’ for letterboxes after seeing this one. The third in under 10 minutes, it quite possibly sealed the deal on that fateful day, somewhere along South Coast Road on Kangaroo Island, SA.

Comprising of a 44 gallon drum, sheet metal, what looks like bike tubes for laces and a lick of paint, it could contain so much more than a few envelopes. No old lady with multiple children in tow, just a big red boot on the side of the road. RSD stands for Roadside Delivery, and is one of Australia Post’s delivery services. I’ve read that all sorts of things are dropped off in RSD boxes, including newspapers, parcels, and eggs from the neighbours.

So far, I’ve just stopped and taken photos, but in establishing this website I feel like I need more of the story, so I’m going to write to the Cohens and find out. I’ll update if I get a reply!

Update: The Cohens have very kindly offered to share the story behind their Boot. Around a decade ago, their youngest son was being home-schooled. The family needed a new letterbox and the boy needed an art project. Using a drum from the dump, bits and pieces from various forklift wrecks and polypipe for the laces, father and son put together what is now a handy landmark for directing visitors. A drain in the lid of the drum prevents rain from pooling on top.

The aim was to create something that people would notice, something worth stopping for. It certainly stopped us and might even be credited with starting this whole project!

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