The Dice Box

Meatsafe Letterbox

I probably shouldn’t call this the Dice Box, despite obvious conclusions when you look at just one of photos. It turns out both sides have six dots, which makes it an unfair roll, if you could even get a rectangular box to roll properly. But for ease of naming, that’s what it is. The Dice Box.

It hangs from a tree on the road to Mount York Lookout in the Blue Mountains, NSW. We were camping at the lookout on a rock climbing trip last year. My guess is it’s a meat safe, Simon reckons a bread cupboard. What do you think it’s made from? I have the address, and I’m posting out my first written survey so hopefully the owners will get back to me and fill us in.

PS: The date of this photo is of no consequence to the Letterbox Project, but to me it’s pretty special. New Year’s Eve, 2011. I can’t remember if we were on our way out from or back to the campsite, but this was taken within hours of Simon proposing to me. We drove out to Katoomba and the Three Sisters that day, and he popped the question! Lucky me 😀

dice-box-2   dice-box-2

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