Gangsta Beef

Gangsta Beef Letterbox

Long road trips across parts of Australia can get a little monotonous. Paddock after paddock, they quickly merge into one great big agricultural blur and before you know it, you’re feeling a bit drowsy.

There is a game I learned nearly 10 years ago that helps with this. It’s called Hey Cow, and it’s sure to wake you up. The rules are simple – upon approaching a field of cows who are close to the road boundary, you wind down the window on that side of the car and scream “HEY COWS” as loud as you can. However many cows turn around and look at you is how many points you score. Take in turns with your fellow passengers – I don’t recommend the driver participates. “COWS” can be easily substituted for “SHEEP”, “ALPACAS” or whatever else congregates in herds.

Now, about this letterbox. You really can’t drive past a cow with chain blingĀ and sunglasses and not stop. That would be un-Australian.

Located just outside of Nowra, NSW, this letterbox shows true commitment to the creation of stand-out postal icons. It pays homage to one of our great industries, is sun-smart, and reasonably anatomically correct. If you were responsible for making this letterbox, you get extra citizenship points.

Gangsta Beef Letterbox   Gangsta Beef Letterbox

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