Ned Kelly, Kyneton


There aren’t many characters more suited to a letterbox tribute than Ned Kelly. The iconic helmet slots lends itself perfectly to a mail receptacle and can be fashioned out of a range of household items – in this case, a bucket. We’ve seen a few around, but this is the first we’ve received the story behind. Letterbox owner Al responded to the postcard we left behind with this:

“The Letterbox was made by my friend Steve. I had asked him to make me a letterbox as ours had been stolen – pole and all. He came up with Ned K to my surprise. 20kg of concrete holding this one in!”

We spoke to Steve, who describes himself as a “bit of a Ned Kelly fan, really”. He’d seen it done before and thought he’d put one together for Al from a few ‘odds and sods’ lying around home. The bucket came from the local hardware store. Steve made Al dig the hole himself and they fixed a cross bar to the base to prevent it being removed again.

Ned’s arms are made from old bed ends and the central post is an old tail shaft.

Great work, boys!

Ned Kelly

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