The Great Australian (Letterbox) Road Trip

Which is the greater rite of passage – visiting far-flung exotic countries or knowing you’ve seen a thing or two in your own backyard? It’s one thing to conquer Europe with 30 other people on a bus, but there’s just something about heading off and exploring your own turf on a great Australian road trip.

This is us (Simon and Kate). While we travel these highways and back roads, we’re on a mission to discover the best letter boxes in Australia. We’ve travelled thousands of kilometres in our trusty 4WD ute Gina, and have thousands more to go. We’ve got heaps of letterboxes in our collection but still need more! Needless to say, we’ve taste-tested the hot chips in countless truck stops and road houses, and become black belts at Eye Spy. We have day jobs and we rent an apartment, but every now and then the road calls and we’re off again. We’ve seen natural wonders and lots of the Big Things, and added to our personal story as we went – all that time together in a car either makes you or breaks you! On one particular road trip to the Blue Mountains, Simon proposed to Kate. Kate didn’t see it coming but very happily said Yes.

Last year, we moved from Adelaide to Darwin and Simon drove all the way there. Past little towns and big rocks and mobs of kangaroos, along highways which are dead straight for hours. In the Top End, we explored on weekends, driving out to remote beaches to go fishing or swim in waterfalls. We drove through bush burn-offs and down flooded tracks, camping with mates in some amazing locations. We’ve always wanted to drive west across the Kimberley’s, maybe someday soon…

We’ve got our damper technique sorted and a camping box permanently packed. After 6 months in Darwin, a series of events sent us onwards to Melbourne – Simon and Gina covered the 3,755km journey in 3 days. Having a little more time and a little more luxury would have been nice, but we dare not mention a motorhome around Gina. We’ve since visited family in NSW, the snow in the Victorian Alps, and made the trip to and from Adelaide a few times. We’ve got a few favourite letterboxes we wave to along the way, and sometimes wonder about turning off the highway and seeing what else is about.

Our mission is to document letterboxes in every state and territory, from the wild west to the northern tropics to the island wilderness of Tasmania… if there is a wacky letterbox there we’ll find a way. We’re even dedicating our honeymoon to the project – we’d just like to do it in style! A motorhome would be awesome… we’d love to give our tent and Gina a well-deserved rest and check off a few places on our list we’re yet to cover, including WA, TAS and QLD. Snorkelling with whale sharks for your honeymoon? Yes please! Why wait till you’re retired?

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