The Snake and the Dog – Alf’s Place

I’m not really sure where to start with this one. There is something about a brown snake wearing a crown and glasses that confuses me.

Snake & Dog Letterbox

Alf’s Place is not one of those mini-replica-of-the-actual-house letterboxes, but it is a house. Maybe it’s Alf Dream House, where the verandah posts don’t quite sit straight, and the cobwebs are never swept.

Maybe that’s Alf’s dog, chasing away a royal nerdy snake. The stance of the dog suggests it’s pretty territorial. And thirsty.

I lieu of a better explaination, I shall leave you with Alf’s own words, painted on one side of the letterbox. The other side says something too but I sadly missed that shot. I think Alf will be getting a letter from me.

Alf’s Beer Mate

Tantalises th’ taste buds
pleases th’ palate
tickles th’ tonsils
grows hair on a… flamin’ billiard ball
recharges your batteries
gets your laughin’ gear workin’
and bloody tastes good too mate! 

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