Whitegoods Week

Painted Fridge Letterbox

It’s Whitegoods Week here at The Letterbox Project! If you’re into recycling large kitchen hardware, you’re in for a treat.

First up is this hand-painted Kelvinator (?) from Kangaroo Island, SA. It appears to utilise 3 kinds of paint application, namely brush, spray can and the trusty ‘flick’ method. The significance of the tape arrow is not clear – perhaps a ‘This Side Forwards’ indicator?

dotty-fridge-1   washing-machine-letterbox-1

Secondly, this Simpson Minimax Auto 10 (installed upside down) may not dry clothes anymore, but it probably keeps the mail dry. You’ll spy it heading to SA’s south east, as we did on a trip to the Great Ocean Road.

If microwaves are your thing, you’d better check back later this week.

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